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We are Situated in the Heart of Merredin Town at 36 Bates Street . Karis Medical Group is a Private Medical Practice.
Our aim is to Provide Truly Caring high quality Service to you, comprehensive, personalised medical care for all our patients.  Our male and female doctors are experienced in a broad range of issues and provides treatment to all age categories.

We have wheelchair facilities to those who require further assistance, onsite Pathology Collection Agency, Allied Health and comfortable amenities are easily accessible and easy access parking.

Our Medical Practice Complies with the standards and guidelines set by the Royal College of General Practitioners .
All our staff continue ongoing education to ensure that all our patients are provided with the best possible service treatment at all times.

Family care is a strong focus, with prenatal and antenatal counselling and care, as well as women’s health services are available. The wide range of services provided also includes allergy care and management plans, as well as aged care plans. In addition, preventative health measures are also provided and encouraged, including cholesterol and blood pressure checks, ECG tracings and blood sugar level monitoring. As holistic health and ongoing care are the aim, mental health care are also accessible from the doctors. Pain management is provided; however please note our doctors at this practice rarely prescribe narcotics. The presence of a practice nurse and treatment room on site mean that immunisations (for individuals, families or travel), dressings, suturing, ear syringing, and mole checks may all be carried out on site.

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