Bookings can be made either by calling us on 9041 3126 or by clicking on the online appointment button on the home page.

It is essential that an appointment be made with your usual Doctor as early as possible. The practice operates “Same Day Appointment” system to help improve access to doctors’ appointments.The “Same Day Appointment” system is working well and we have been able to offer appointments on the same day requested in most circumstances.
Please inform the receptionist of the nature of your request for appointment if you require to be seen the same day.  All attempts will be made by our receptionist’s to accommodate your request, however you may need to see an alternative Doctor as your usual Doctor may not be available. Our appointments are 10 – 15 minutes, however longer appointments are available if requested.

Despite our best intentions, the Doctor’s sometimes run late!. This is because someone has needed unexpected urgent attention.   Be assured though that when it comes to your turn the Doctor will give your problem the time it deserves.  Thank you for your consideration.

If you are aware you are not able to attend your pre-booked appointment, please be courteous and contact Reception to cancel as soon as possible , preferably a day before as this can be offered to another patient who requires to be seen.

Please advise the Receptionist if you require a longer appointment to ensure that the correct time frame is alotted to you.

When you arrive at the Practice, please ensure that you report to Reception to announce your arrival. If you do not we may not notice and you will not be placed in our data base as arrived, so that the Doctor can see you for consultation.

Medical Certificates can only be provided on the day and can not be back -dated.  So if you are ill and can not attend work, school, daycare etc you must see a Doctor on the day.

Home Visits – Certain Conditions may apply and prior arrangement with Karis Medical Group is required, and one of our doctors will be allocated to meet your need.

Telephoning your Doctor – We understand that sometimes you require to speak with your Doctor over the phone, however for non-urgent calls messages will be taken.  For urgent calls a nurse may need to triage your health issue before placing the call to the Doctor.  Thank you for your patience in this matter as we are sure that you would not appreciate the Doctor being distracted from your conditon when in consultation, by calls from other patients.

SMS: Karis Medical Group Staffs are able to contact you by SMS for appointment reminders, pathology responses and recalls. If you would like to receive these SMS from us, please update your contact details with the Reception.

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