Home Medication Reviews (HMR)

What are Home Medicine Reviews?

A Home Medicine Review (HMR) is a way for your Pharmicist and GP to help you manage your medicines at home. Your GP gives you a referral to the community Pharmacy. The Pharmicist then talks with you, preferably in your home, and makes a written report back to your GP, who discusses the recommendations with you.

Why are they a good idea?

If medicines aren’t used properly, of if the wrong ones are used together, the results can be serious. More than 140,000 Australians have to go to hospital each year with problems caused by their medication. It has been shown that, in up to 69% of these cases, the problem could have been avoided. Older Australians, because they often take a number of different medicines, are particularly at risk.

Who needs one?

Can you, or someone you know, answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions?

  • Do you take more than five medicines a day?
  • Are you confused or worried about your medicines?
  • Do you sometimes forget to take your medicines?
  • Do you see more than one GP or specialist?
  • Have you recently spent time in hospital?

If so, it might be a good idea to ask your GP about a Home Medicine Review.

Please call reception for more information on 9041 3126.

* the Home Medicine Review is fully bulk billed but any subsequent visits or reviews may be charged at the normal consultation rate.

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