Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assesment

Type 2 Diabetes risk evaluation for 40-49 year old

For patients

  • aged 40 to 49 years (inclusive)
  • at high risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. ‘High risk’ is determined following the patient’s completion of the Australian type 2 diabetes risk assessment tool.


  • Evaluation of a ‘high risk’ score determined by the Australian type 2 diabetes risk assessment tool, which has been completed by the patient within a period of 3 months prior to undertaking the Type 2 Diabetes Risk Evaluation service;
  • Updating patient history and undertaking examinations and investigations in accordance with relevant guidelines
  • Making an overall assessment of the patient’s risk factors, relevant examinations and the results of any investigations;
  • Initiating interventions where appropriate, including referrals and follow-up relating to the management of any risk factors identified;
  • Providing advice and information (such as Lifescripts resources) to the patient including strategies to achieve lifestyle and behaviour changes where appropriate.

Print and complete the form The Australian type 2 diabetes risk assessement tool

If you scored 12 points or more in the AUSDRISK you may have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes or be at high risk of developing the disease. See your doctor about having a fasting blood glucose test. Act now to prevent type 2 diabetes.

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